Tuesday, November 04, 2008

mica photos

This is a little late, but I wanted to post some photos from the AIGA Education conference that I attended. We had a large group from NC State that presented: Me (grad), Rebecca Tegtmeyer (grad), Alberto Rigau (grad), Silas Munro (designer in residence), Denise Gonzales Crisp (prof), and Deborah Littlejohn (phd). I think we all did an excellent job of contributing some interesting ideas to the conference. It's always nice to step outside of our own circle of discussion to see what other educators and students are up to around the country. I was pretty impressed with the presentations overall. Particularly, Scott Stowell from Open Design, the design director for Good Magazine.

As I have previously mentioned, Rebecca and I presented on the MFA panel. Our goal was to demonstrate how NC State focuses on designing the conditions for experiences vs isolated artifacts. It was also important for us to show how all of the research, mapping, reading and writing informs our form making process. This is not to imply that all research happens and then we make things, rather it is an ebb and flow relationship and a lot of thinking through making.

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Alisson said...

I love your boots and yellow shirt! Good luck with your thesis.