Saturday, November 03, 2007

Symposium Project Proposal

Marty Lane, Alberto Rigau, Gretchen Rinnert

Exploring the use of analog & digital tools, historical mark making, and collaborative narrative

Our goals

To respond to the current behaviors and interactions occurring in online spaces.
To respond to the collaborative, and layering aspects of social communities through narrative
Understanding new uses for tools as a response to DIY culture
To interact with the audience, and gain their attention in a project that has them respond physically to the
topic at hand.


Collaborative documentation of people interacting with analog tools in time. We will explore video and photography techniques that generate and contribute to a published group activity.

What is collaboration?

1 word written with light contributing to a larger story

Collection of
Formal qualities of light: weight, stroke, dimension, etc
Documentary video / light video / long exposure photography
Audio recording of people speaking their sentence

The online sharing spaces that have emerged have exposed the needs and wants of participatory communities to share their ideas, photos and videos through venues such as flickr, youtube, blogging, facebook, myspace, . In the past we have seen similar activities in graffiti art. There is a need for people to tag and mark spaces.

People want to make things
How can we empower them to create, but still respecting our craft
We are not attempting to make all people designers, but we are giving them an opportunity to create
People want to mark, share, tag
The platform now exists, and the tools for production and sharing are being explored by an entire generation.
The internet and online sharing communities have created spaces that enable people to leave their global mark.

Can analog artifacts build relationships online — the different digital spaces
The relationship between what we define as goals and whatever people take away from it

All symposium attendees


After the opening night reception at symposium.

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