Saturday, November 03, 2007

Project Four: Visualize the future

I chose to research the future of the DIY/craft/handmade participatory culture in the future — and possible applications to activism in public space.
I am more interested in what motivates people to create and interact than the historical crafting practices. I believe that people are feeling out of control in the current state of the world and by making things and participating in something they can retain that sense of control. I am interested in empowering people to create, be heard, and interact without passing along design instructions, ala DIY (Design it Yourself).

I am curious about the possible intersection of analog tools, digital tools and technology in the future.

My visualization was intended to set the framework for this future. The research process that I went through proved to be more informative that the actual visualization. My writing provided for more interesting commentary than the visualization, which resulted in comments that ricocheted around my project. This was a good exercise for me to learn from. I am still working on how to visually represent my ideas that will help facilitate interesting dialogue and inspiration to move forward with.

research notes & visualization

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