Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Project One: Identify and Respond — rough touchpoint 1

Design an artifact (heretofore named a touchpoint) that adds to, furthers, and/or improves the work.

step one
I've been thinking of ways to approach the lomo world browser that is reasonable for my time frame (3 wks). Some brainstorming today led me to think about the map itself — it is the weakest part of the project. How can I improve and/or change the map and take it to another level? It bothers me that you can only find photos by region or photographer. I'm thinking of looking at the contents of the photos and what that can create. What would it look like to see New York through the uploaded lomo photos? What if I took the landmasses out all together? I've been thinking about the ways that wefeelfine deals with content too.

step two
Identify "lomographic values":
over/double exposures
abstracted color (hyper)

Identify necessary changes to existing site:
Add Tags: limited tags reflecting lomographic values — not free for all like flickr — inline with “10 Golden Rules” concept

Addressing peoples ideas of reality: what day or night looks like/what a person from a specific place looks like/what colors represent, etc. Challenging what people think a place/person/thing looks like or should look like. Creating posters in conjunction with lomographic values. Creating a new image from the various uploaded world images.Can new meaning created?

touchpoint 1

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next steps
• culturally: what does this/can this mean?
• address ways to maintain sense of community
• how does someone walk through this process? (linear-based process looses community elememts)
• the images are too random now — find balance between randomness and meaning. are there emerging narratives?
• consider sequence
• consider tools vs. environmental space and behavior
• how to create an environment that facilitates these expierences

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