Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Teen Independent Learning Online: Prototypes

I would like to share my final explorations. Below you will find three videos simulating each scenario that constituted the project: Teen Independent Learning Online: Visual Literacy Tools for Assessing Credibility. I will not post the full text, but if you are interested please contact me.

Main Researchable Question:
How can online interfaces encourage students to analyze, interpret and judge the credibility of visual language?

Scenario One:
What aspects of visual language and originating sources inform and educate students to the credibility of information?

Thesis: Study One from marty on Vimeo.

Scenario Two:

What online activities encourage students to critically analyze the visual language they view, create or alter in informal learning environments?

Thesis: Study Two from marty on Vimeo.

Scenario Three:

In what ways does understanding the history of an image inform a student’s ability to critically analyze visual language?

Thesis: Study Three from marty on Vimeo.

I am currently taking a step back from the project and thinking about where I would like to take it. There was only so much I could cover during the 9 months allocated for this project, so I have many threads that need to be followed, untangled and explored.

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