Thursday, March 19, 2009

Props to Microsoft, say wha?

Well, I never thought this day would come. I have had a typically infuriating day attempting to write in Microsoft Word. (This is not the unexpected experience) "No, don't make this a list!" "YES, just return, NO number! NO bullet!" Ok, so this probably sounds familiar to all you designers out there. This is not the software for visual thinkers. Amidst this torture, I was sent an email about an exciting addition to Microsoft. My brain crush, Danah Boyd, has just joined Microsoft's New England Research & Development Center. Danah has done great research in the area of teens and online culture (to name a few). Her research has served as a major foundation for my thesis work. It will be interesting to see the mark she makes at Microsoft.

After hearing the news about Danah, I was feeling better about my lost hours from my Word debacle this morning. And to top it off, I just came across a video called Microsoft Sustainability. It's a speculative video from Microsoft that is pretty amazing. So many ideas packed into this 5 minute video. You can see so much potential for education applications. I particularly love the brief extension in the garden!

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