Monday, January 19, 2009

rapid explorations

tonight i wanted to do some quick thesis explorations. i was curious to find out if seeing images at a larger scale might effect how i wanted to interact with them. i was also curious to see if the play with the projection and objects would reveal any formal ideas. i'm trying out new ways of sketching...

what if you want to see the history of an image?
what if you want to get a deeper understanding of an image?
are there multiple viewpoints surrounding an image?
what if you want to focus in on one element and discuss it in relation to the larger context?

i want to do more with multiple projectors to explore a user moving from one website to another, but that will have to wait for another day.
all images from flickr


Rebecca Tegtmeyer said...

Great new ay of sketching! I am inspired...

Valentina said...

I'm loving these rapid explorations!
I get what you are exploring very quickly... and they look great!

Alberto Rigau said...

Hey there. Great job. Good to see someone was productive on the snow day…

A suggestion… I would spend a little bit of time exploring photo editing softwares… something like Photo Mechanic and Lightroom.

Many of the gestures and behaviors that I can see you explore here are inherent in those kinds of software. They even add the collaborative angle, as photo editors need to communicate to photographers and designers about they are thinking.