Friday, October 10, 2008

thesis development

my thesis process has been going well, i am trying to embrace the inevitable twists and turns as i believe that to be a strong part of the process. i have narrowed my focus to be around the issues of integrating media literacy across curriculum in public schools. this is my current thesis problem:

How can the design of web-based activities teach students to analyze, interpret and judge the contribution of form to attribution of source and the credibility of information?

sub questions:
1. What aspects of form should students use to judge the credibility of information and how can these visual clues to trustworthiness be generalized to an overall strategy for forming critical positions?

2. How can the design of an online experience encourage students to debate and compare viewpoints with peers?

3. What can online activities do to encourage students to apply judgment in formal and informal learning situations in which they are making and receiving messages?

I have developed a "source visualization" for my own research process. it has been growing and evolving weekly and has turned out to be very valuable to me.
here is that madness:

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