Saturday, June 07, 2008


shepard fairey designed a limited edition poster of obama that quickly sold out. i've been bummed for a while that i couldn't get my hands on one. well, this weekend, i was at urban counterfitters* and saw that he had made shirts! pork and i each got one that we will not wear on the same days, i swear!

alannah, here's my shirt:

obey giant


Alannah said...

Love them!

How much are they?

One cool thing is how excited all the international students are about this election. I've been told countless times that the world is watching this election and if Obama can become elected in the U.S. then it sends a clear message that we practice what we preach, in terms of equality and progress.

marty said...

that is sooo good to hear about the international students. please keep me in the loop about their impressions of Obama and the political process.

the shirts were 28 bucks. i hate to support urban outfitters, but i don't know where else to get the shirts...

MicheleWong said...

I am excited about the elections too even if I cannot vote!

I am addicted to CNN. I am not sure I was just interested in the Obama/Hillary race or the whole thing in general. No more CNN coz I am moving out and we got rid of cable but I keep checking how Obama is doing!