Monday, June 30, 2008

design camp - week one

last week i taught for the first time. it was a summer design camp for high school juniors and seniors. everyday they attended a different design discipline and had to finish an entire project in one day. rebecca t. and i co-taught the graphic design project. it was an amazing experience.

in brief the project:

using phrases chosen at random (ex: DIY, street art, etc):
1. design an analog graphic composition
2. design an analog typographic composition (using given phrase or self-authored phrase)
3. design a digital typographic composition (using given phrase or self-authored phrase)

4. create collaborative mash ups using two projectors.

so, basically, each student created compositions and in the afternoon they combined the work using two projectors.

here are some examples. remember, most of these students have NEVER had a graphic design course and some have never had an art class.


DGC said...

This is fantastic Marty! Congratulations to you and Rebecca. I'm guessing the kids had a great time, and the project looks to like it really opened up what graphic design is and can do.

kelly said...

what they HAVE had is a lifetime of processing digital images and thinking of the image as malleable. only they don't necessarily recognize that. nice work though, and i BET it was exhausting!