Monday, May 12, 2008

2 weeks and counting

i can't wait to sit in the same room with my arkansas friends, share some wine, and catch up. it's been way too long. i always love that moment when i step off the plane in arkansas and take a deep breath. things really do feel different at home.

i've decided to maintain my blog over the summer. we'll see what types of things i end up posting. i know there is at least one person out there reading it, so that makes it worth it. despite my scepticism about the quality of online relationships, blogs and email have allowed me to stay closely connected with at least a few friends.

it's funny that we have spent so much time talking about collaboration and co-creation in grad school and now I am looking to spend my summer collaborating with another designer. good thing i like him. see here we are exploring how to subvert technology. ha ha ha:


Alannah said...

yup. regular reader here.

I would love it if your summer blog were just pictures of your inspirations - design elements that you notice in every day life.

I want to see the world through Marty's eyes!

berto said...


Alannah... the world through marty's eyes? That scares me... LOL

marty said...

hey! the world through my eyes will blow your mind. just wait, you'll see... wait for it....