Tuesday, January 08, 2008

final review, etc.

well, my first semester is over. i'm definitely ready to start this next semester — excited for new professors and new opportunities. classes start tomorrow, so it's a good thing i'm feeling ready. during the break, i was able to visit with an old professor of mine from UIC in chicago. i'm so glad that i made the time to reconnect. the professor has always been an unofficial mentor of mine and it was great to speak with him about my graduate school journey thus far. i also was able to spend some time with my brother-in-law who is getting his masters in painting from yale. it was so surprising how much our programs have in common. we are reading all of the same stuff (dare, i say theory). i'm wondering what this means on a bigger scale, the fact that we ,graphic designers, are reading the same things as painters. it's an interesting point to think about.

i've been meaning to post my work from final review for some time now. i'm still not sure if what i presented was what was expected of me, but it's over now. i can only reflect for next review.

here are the presentation slides as well.

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Megadeath said...

I love Project # 4!