Thursday, November 08, 2007

Project Four: Artifact

full project

by quickly clicking through the pages of this pdf you can view the animation simulation of similar pattern behaviors

departed from craft culture, but focused on motivations behind that movement and
focusing on DIY participatory culture in public space and how it could relate to activism

• all buildings in the future are required to have space for public use,
similar to the requirement for green space
• what if all of the billboards in Times Square were not used to advertise
and could be used by the public?
• ppl use interface to type in message
• interface could be an iphone plug in or a large touchscreen
with microphone in public setting
• users can access typefaces and colors provided, but of course they can
always add more (like a computer)
• ppl can have site specific messages or a default
(similar to your ichat meesage) that stays with you
• if similar content starts to appear in the same space, those messages cluster
and layer
• possible activist use here: ppl could gather in same spot and type similar messages
• default size is used. if one message relates to nothing else, it may be bigger
on a single screen
• every person has a pattern. there are default patterns available based on my
system or you can make/buy your own.
• in the future this is something ppl buy, similar to icons, fonts, etc.
• exploring how patterns interact with other patterns. specific behaviors
are attributed to each symbol
• your pattern can follow you around in public
• activated by interface
what would it be like if you were passing someone on the street and avoided looking at them, but your patterns were “dancing” around?

• bringing democratic flow of information that exists online into public space
• creating more truly “public space”
• could this be used as an activist tool?
• bringing a sense of play to public space. pattern following you and
interacting with other patterns.

and thanks to everyone who contributed content for the messages

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