Tuesday, November 13, 2007


as it relates to participatory culture....

symposium team = matt, rebecca, alberto, marty

questions/thoughts generated in meeting
• how do designers respond to ppl motivated to participate?
• motivations are different for everyone
• what individual motivations exist in participatory culture?
• what motivated ppl to participate in symposium?

more to come

using our projects as a departure point for dialog.


munoz said...

What does motivation look like in a future, political participatory culture? How will voters be motivated to vote and comprehend issues?

miss marty said...

working with my first project and the lomography culture
address motivations of this culture:
• defining personal identity by being a part of a subculture
• desire to create collaborative lomographic representation of the world
• exploration, play, balance of choice and chance
• collaboration with other lomographers
• learning from others
• being inspired by others to try new techniques

(alberto - do you have anything to add? as you are familiar with this subculture too)

miss marty said...

and... what motivates people to participate in something online? can these behaviors be applied in RL?

pirindinga said...

What motivates members in a depreciated social community to come together and collaborate with others?

Rebecca Tegtmeyer said...

More Questions:
• What motivates interaction with a particular object, community, event?
• Are there levels of motivation (as it relates to an individual, community)?
• What obstacles inhibit motivation? (time, tools, knowledge?)
• What charges motivation?
• Does motivation lead to participation in various activities, if your participating in one, are you more likely to participate in several?

Rebecca Tegtmeyer said...

My JPG Project 1:
These are my questions relating to JPG and motivation.

• Does the difference in design and content of the magazine influence more people to participate
(comparing mine with the original)?

• What motivates the community of JPG to vote on other individuals photos?

• Would inclusion of the photos "back stories" increase the motivation to participate?

• What causes individuals to not participate in this culture? (like myself?) (what would others say?)

Rebecca Tegtmeyer said...

• How much time do we participate in something online? In a given day? How much time do we participate in something in RL? What correlations can we draw on motivation from this discussion?