Thursday, November 01, 2007

Let's do THIS!

Our current project in studio is a "future think" project about participatory culture.

I proposed two ideas, one of which Denise told me just to do now. It's not a "future think" piece it can happen NOW. All I need is a few million of my closest friends.

Using gps and text messaging technology, messages are circulated with a "call to action" to go to a specific gps coordinate and bring your super powered future light. Each person stands at their specific gps coordinate and holds their light shining up in the sky. This is captured in real-time in Google Earth (a new feature in the future!) and the visual created is stored permanently online. The idea is that the lights in the gps coordinates would form a message, seen from above.

Addressing the lack of truly public space in which people can peacefully congregate and voice an opinion. My role as a designer would be to design the message according to gps coordinates.


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