Monday, October 22, 2007

Project Three

What if a flash animation could be simulated with stop-motion animation?
The quote that I used is from the Flash website, advertising the features/functions of Flash. I was exploring the use of low tech and high tech tools and questioning to what degree tools define a designer. Does having access to expensive high tech tools hinder or enhance your work as a designer? Or does it play a role? I was also interested in exploring the idea of empowering people to be creative and participate. You don't have to own, and know how to operate, Flash (or other software) to achieve online animation. Can it be about ideas and the use of the tools that you have?

feedback/next steps:
• playing with variables using limitations
• showing process of using limited resources
• working in analog to simulate digital = interesting
• current audio may result in my ideas not being taken seriously
• keeping it interesting by focusing on what I am trying to explore. Keep my
original intentions in mind. This will result in work that is interesting even
to people who are "experts" on the software I am simulating.

i want to further explore by:

• involving my body in video — adjusting letters with hands, wiping them out with arm
• the use of vellum to simulate fading


Alannah said...

I love the way this looks! I was inspired by the colors of your letter magnets and made a gorgeous necklace for a friend's birthday using orange and green/blue stones.

miss marty said...

thanks alannah! i still have some more work to do on this project, but its pretty cool that it inspired a necklace! you should send me a pic!