Sunday, October 21, 2007

Project Three

For this project we are reading the book Convergence Culture by Henry Jenkins. After reading just the introduction, I knew it was going to be a book that I found very interesting. Now, if we can just convince him to come speak at our symposium...

We were divided into groups of three and assigned two words per group from the glossary in Convergence Culture. The intention was not for us to work together, but to provide a comparison of how each student would approach the words. (I think)

my words:
pixel vision: A low-cost toy video camera that was created by Fisher-Price to allow children to become filmmakers but that has become a technology of choice for a range of amateur and avant-garde filmmakers.
imperfect cinema: A term originally used to refer to works produced in the third world with impoverished resources and limited technical skill where such challenges have been turned into opportunities to spoof or critique Hollywood cinema. In this book the word is being used to suggest the ways that fan filmmakers negotiate between a desire to see how closely they can duplicate Hollywood special effects and an impulse to mask their technical limitations through parody.

Investigate these terms through making. This is not about explaining the word — ideally it will lead people to something new. Either make two artifacts investigating each term or make one that investigates both.

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