Monday, October 15, 2007

beauty at home

some things that are making me happy:
new curtains
new curtains
new magical curtains
new magnets
new magnets
bday cakes
bday cakeSSS


Alannah said...

I know this isn't a food blog, but please describe those cakes in more detail! Love the curtains, too....very, err, graphic.

miss marty said...

ha! yeah, the cakes are from one of my favorite bakeries in raleigh - hereghty.

my favorite was the square chocolate one with the chocolate drops on top. i think it was the "paris": two layers of delicious chocolate sponge, light rum syrup, and creamy chocolate mousse.

all magical cake descriptions:

(their lemon tart is the best i have ever had)

MicheleWong said...

hey! i love the curtains. sooo pretty!


that one night at your place, i wrote something on your fridge

did u see it?


see you tomorrow

miss marty said...

i did see it! i was wondering who wrote it — i never guessed it was innocent little michele! haha yeah right... :)