Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Project One: Identify and Respond — rough touchpoint 2

goals for this touchpoint
• culturally: what does this/can this mean?
• address ways to maintain sense of community
• how does someone walk through this process? (linear-based process looses community elememts)
• the images are too random now — find balance between randomness and meaning. are there emerging narratives?
• consider sequence
• consider tools vs. environmental space and behavior

touchpoint 2

touchpoint 2

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feedback and next steps
• futher explore the pixel merging — seems too "photoshoppy" now
• explore other ways of merging photos — using tags as text, play with front to back orientation, etc
• what motivates someone to use this? consider different motivating rewards...
• make my intent clear — seems fuzzy now
• consider value of abtract and pictoral (and when)
• look at other tags that apply more specifically to lomography (maybe not nouns)
• in splicing, what does the position of the images mean? currently a combination of chance and choice

next steps in gallery
• maybe show original photos when roll-over occurs and reveals full merged photo
• what does the stacking of photos mean? is it just a list? what is that signifing?

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