Monday, September 10, 2007

Project One: Identify and Respond

1. Select a designer, studio, or specific project that/who is already incorporating in some measure, even if small, design "co-creation" principles into their practice/message.

2. Analyze the work and answer the following questions:
How successful do you think the approach is at involving "the other" in design knowledge, production, output (outcome)? What are your terms for success?
Where does the work sit on the expert/novice creation scale? Why?
Is the work transferable to other content?
Has the work pioneered new territory or is it building on cultivated ideas? What are those ideas?
Is the work driven by rules of assertion (designer driving the bus) or emergence (social, democratic forces)?
If the work favors the "novice" end of our spectrum, how does the design function to promote and/or inspire participation?
To what extent does profit figure in the work's success?
What aspects of cultural production is the work exploiting? Opting not to include? Overlooking?
How is "the other" represented (ala Stuart Hall, etc.)?
What else do you observe?

3. Design an artifact (heretofore named a touchpoint) that adds to, furthers, and/or improves the work. In this project you are demonstrating your values relative to the work...You might agree with or take issue with the work.

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